Verify your property boundary in a few minutes;
Analyse 30 years of satellite data;
Benchmark ground cover and vegetation change
Create a secure, authenticated and auditable digital farm record

Verify property boundaries and link these to the digital farm record to “spatially enable” current and future biosecurity, sustainability and supply chain accreditation and reporting systems.


Authenticate your Property Identification Code (PIC) and LPA Accreditation and link your land records to your animal records.


Make it easier to integrate “agtech solutions” into your business.

30 years of satellite data for your property

Visualise and analyse 30 years of satellite imagery over your property.


Analyse and report on trends in seasonal ground cover and annual tree cover change.

Property Benchmark Reports

Analyse trends in rainfall, seasonal ground cover and woody vegetation.


Benchmark your farm in relation to neighbors and the region, consistent with Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (ABSF) Balance of Tree and Grass Cover metrics.

Assess trends in land condition that may guide decisions on long term sustainable carrying capacity.


Support property valuations based on objective information on land condition and productivity.


Generate a "baseline report" for a carbon, biodiversity or other ecosystem service projects.

Demonstrate the impact of management on long term trends in ground cover and tree cover.