WestVic Dairy Innovation day

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Cibo Labs, Phil Tickle and other presenters taking part in a panel discussion

Cibo Labs were delighted for the invitation to present at the recent Ag Innovation Day in Warrnambool on September 27th. The event had something for everyone interested in the potential benefits of Ag Tech to the dairy and broader grazing.

The day showcased the latest innovations within the dairy industry provided hands on workshops about how to implement these on-farm. The workshops and presentations focused on current and future technology and innovations, such as the use of sensors, satellite imaging, drones and new tractor technologies.

From Cibo Labs perspective, it was great to see, and reinforce the common needs across the entire grazing industry. We are now working with grazing enterprises from 1 million ha plus operations in the north, to finishing properties in southern western Australia, using the same data analysis and satellite imaging approaches.

It doesn't matter whether you have 500 dairy cows or 5000 steers, growing grass is what it's about.

Thanks very much to the WestVic Dairy team for a great day.

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