What else can a farmer do to earn secure and predictable money that doesn’t mean leaving the farm?

September 26th 2018.

Natalie Williams and Julia McKay from CreditAbility AG put on a great day to help equip farmers with the tools needed to decide whether any of the eco-credit schemes suit their purpose and philosophy. The Soil Carbon and Eco Credit Forum was held at the historic Greenwich Park north of Goulburn NSW on Sept 26th.

Cibo Labs had to opportunity to demonstrate our range of remote sensing technologies and approaches that might contribute, along with SIS Lasersat; Corporate Carbon; Australian and NSW government representatives; Grass Roots Environmental, and Healthy Soils Australia. It was a very informative day, and an opportunity to "step-back" and discuss the growing opportunities for whole-farm and landscape approaches to more profitable and sustainable farming.

You can find out more about the forum here:


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