Australian Feedbase Monitor

The Australian Feedbase Monitor (AFM) is a new grazing management tool which gives land managers satellite insights into their feed capabilities.

How can you use the AFM?

View insightful satellite data about your property’s feed capabilities which is:

  • generated from European Space Agency’s Sentinel 2 mission
  • at a farm-level, with rolling monthly pasture biomass estimates updated every five days

Receive data overlays for your farm’s pasture biomass and ground cover at 1ha resolution for:

  • total standing dry matter (TDSM) – the distribution of predicted TSDM as kg/ha across each land parcel
  • ground cover – the percentage of plant material, either alive or dead on or near the soil surface.

Use this data to:

  • understand the trends across your property’s pasture base, including rainfall, ground cover and biomass
  • support more objective and accurate feed budgeting, leading to sustainable grazing management decisions
  • improve planning and responsiveness to seasonal changes
  • identify under-performing areas on your property.

Access the Australian Feedbase Monitor with a myMLA account

We are linked to myMLA single sign on, which provides an easy way to access your properties online.

MLA members have free access to the AFM while non-members can subscribe to access the service after a 30 day trial.

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Want to take the next step with your forage budgeting?

What is the Cibo Labs PastureKey Service?

The Cibo Labs PastureKey service combines world-leading satellite remote sensing and data science with on-farm knowledge to estimate feed supply for every hectare and to monitor changes in the feedbase and land condition on a weekly basis.

Do you want a higher resolution and statistics at a “paddock” level?

PastureKey is available as an annual subscription service. Pricing depends on the size and number of properties, and the level of service and support you would like. We also provide training on Satellite Assisted Forage Budgeting with the support of the MLA Profitable Grazing Systems (PGS) program.