Over the past two weeks, conditions for herbage mass have been very favourable across the eastern half of NSW, Qld and much of Victoria.  The ongoing improvement has seen much of the country now meeting the average or above average seasonal deciles for January. 

For more localised information including regional level overviews, users are encouraged to explore the Cibo Labs Regional Comparison. This tool provides regional data that may show the impact of localised weather or fire events. A further level of detail for individual properties is available for users who have created an Australian Feedbase Monitor account, which can be accessed both through the MyMLA portal or through the Cibo Labs website.

The Cibo Labs National Comparison can be used to freely access these layers (https://www.cibolabs.com.au/products/national-comparsion/) to view the most recent images from a national, state or catchment level. Users can also access past images to compare national changes in Pasture Biomass or Ground Cover.  This tool can complement the Australian Feedbase Monitor which can also be created within the Cibo Labs Web Site www.cibolabs.com.au