Peter Thompson and his wife Nicki run EchoCattle, a roughly 18,000 acre (~7000ha) property  located 80km northeast of Roma, in southern central Queensland, Australia. They run a grass-fed beef operation and crop around 3,000 acres, depending on the season, with an additional 6,00 acres of wilderness country. 

Peter recently had a chat with Sarah Nolet on her great Agtech..So What podcast on responding to climate risk.

The Thompson’s have been farming regeneratively long before it was a ‘thing’. In this episode, Peter shares his hard-earned insights about:

  • Finding compromises that are truly win-win;

  • Avoiding the temptation of silver bullet solutions;

  • The long list of technologies they’ve adopted; and

  • The importance of balance. 

Peter has been using Cibo Labs 5-day pasture biomass imagery since mid-2019 to support their pasture budgeting. To quote Peter “It’s bloody wonderful stuff. We’ve only been using the imagery for 4 months…we’re already getting beneficial use out of it…”. Listen to the full podcast here!